Established in 2015, MYSTAKELLI DAIRY PRODUCTS Co. is located in Mandamados, Lesvos in its privately-owned facility.

We continue the tradition started in 1962 by Stratis MYSTAKELLIS in his traditional cheese factory, which was later expanded by his son Giannis. Our products are now made in our new, modern facility using the long experience and knowledge of the same people who for a great number of years and with continuous improvements have provided to consumers the steady, recognised quality of MYSTAKELLI products.

The cheese factory with an annual capacity of 250 tons of soft and hard cheeses is considered a small traditional cheese factory


The environment of the blessed land of Lesvos, its mild Mediterranean climate, its rich, pesticide-free flora made up of diverse plants and herbs, its endless sunshine, the saltiness of its sea, the free-range sheep and goats of a special breed of Lesvos in the Mandamados area, provide premium quality milk with unique aromas and taste characteristics.


Traditional recipes and techniques dating back many centuries and cheese making secrets passed down from generation to generation, make unique cheeses such as Ladotyri, which cannot be found anywhere else in Greece or the world. 

Through innovation and using modern technology we develop cheese products that have their roots in Tradition. Thus, we brought back the very tasty Ladotyri of Mytilene, with the famous extra virgin olive oil of Lesvos, as it was traditionally made here.

Investing in our people, at the MYSTAKELLI cheese factory we combine the 30-year experience of the old cheese maker with modern scientific knowledge.


The combination of premium quality raw materials, long experience and tradition, constant effort for development and innovation and strict compliance with all the rules concerning hygiene during production, storage and distribution of our products, results in the MYSTAKELLI high quality products of high nutritional value with a unique aroma and taste.