The island of poets and love, of Sappho, Alkaios, Pittakos, Myrivilis, Venezis and Elytis whose poetry mirrors the greatness of the world.  “A plane leaf thrown to the Aegean Sea”, gifted green land, “a gift from God” for its residents, that stands between east and west.


A particularly beautiful, picturesque mountain community at the NE tip of Lesvos. Renowned for its medieval Monastery of Holy Archangels. Famous for its pottery, especially the ewers made the same way for more than one hundred years, the coil and branches, signifying the values of friendship and peace, that was the inspiration for the MYSTAKELLI logo. Celebrated for its significant animal farming and quality cheese products it is also the seat of the MYSTAKELLI company.


Such a land breeds enterprising, stubborn people full of passion and the will for a better tomorrow. Forged by two civilisations, the western and the eastern, they combine unceasing labour and thirst for knowledge and creation, love for the arts, good life, good company and small pleasures. Utilising the exquisite raw materials and traditional ancestral knowledge and with the help of modern technology they create unique, high quality products. Dreamers, welcoming, peaceful, open to other societies, imaginative and travellers, they continue to write their own special story that begun in this tough and beautiful land in 2000 B.C.


The island of olive trees, of exquisite olive oil, of olive presses and soap factories, made famous around the world since the end of 19th century.
The island of ouzo with its unsurpassed aromas and taste, that travel to the end of the world. 
The island of animal farming, with many cheese factories and wonderful, unique cheeses that are sought after by cheese lovers in Greece and abroad.
The island of unsurpassed craftsmen, rich architecture with many impressive mansions and neoclassical buildings bearing testament to the wealth and power of this land.
A blessed island, known to all visitors, full of well-known churches that welcome a large number of devotees each year.
The island of taste, with unique recipes and aromas of the east rooted in the old, rich homelands of Asia Minor that carry the history of the land.
The island of volcanoes, whose anger gave birth to unique petrified forests known around the world and the hot springs with the therapeutic mineral baths.

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