Monitoring modern nutritional trends and consumer demands, MYSTAKELLI DAIRY PRODUCTS constantly improves its products and their packaging.

Thus, its corporate planning includes the financing tools of Business Programmes in collaboration with researchers, aimed at the development of new products and the improvement of existing products.

In this context, it has developed solid partnerships with the University of the Aegean and the Agricultural University of Athens.


MYSTAKELLI DAIRY PRODUCTS together with seven more Lesvos companies engaged in the production of food and beverages have created a synergy (cluster) under the name Lesvos Gourmet, which aims to the promotion, broadcast and establishment of Lesvos foods and beverages in the Greek and foreign markets.

In the scope of this cluster, the company participates in gastronomy events, tasting events, presentation and any other activity that promotes its cheese products and other food and beverage products made on the island.

At the same time, it has established close cooperation with other cheese producers in its vicinity but also in the wider Greek area, exchanging know-how and taking joint actions.